Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hmmmm......So this is it!

Wow I have just entered into the big wide world of blogging. Such a step up for me, my literacy on a computer is very, well, limited. If I can't do something I just get my Ruby to do it for me and he always does so I never have to learn for myself. I am married into a family of serious computer geeks and sometimes I feel like the black sheep because occasionally I one finger type and almost always have to look at the keys, hahahahahHHHHAAAA! But I so don't care can you tell. I love them dearly though and glad because I never have to pay for my computer to get fixed not like it has to all that often thanks to it being an awesome MAC. Woot woot! Yes I love the Macs they rarely ever get pop ups and no viruses and for a illiterate computer user these things are important. Then again I occasionally use a PC as well so I ain't bashing them there just a bit different. Well gotta run and change a diaper or two:). Bye for now to whoever if anyone will read this.